Radionics Subtle Energy and Vibrational Medicine


Radionics is a method of healing and diagnosing at a distance using the unique extra-sensory faculties of the operator supported and amplified by a physical instrument, device, geometric pattern, energy or substance.

Radionics seems to operate on principles based on Quantum Physics,  not primarily upon the physical body directly,  but upon the subtle energy auric fields which are undetected by the normal senses and but which support life and are essential for its functioning.  Radionics can be both a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure which can be used to discover the higher dimensional energetic disturbances underlying pathology and to encourage the reappearance of  normal energetic fields which support health.  It does not replace nor interfere with other forms of  medical care, but supplements them. 

Radionics is based on the understanding that every person's energy patterns, frequencies, signatures, vibrations or rhythms are as unique to them as their fingerprints, and that every part of their body, down to the cell level, reflects these 'vibrations'. When illness, injury, infection, stress, pollution, malnutrition, or poor hygiene cause these patterns to become imbalanced or interrupted, then the energy is altered. This altered energy pattern can be read from any part of the body and treated by sending messages, with an instrument, to the body in order that the body may heal itself through the restored flow of energy. 

Radionic diagnosis and treatment are not  medical procedures, but are rather of a quantum, esoteric, or spiritual nature, tapping into dimensions that are beyond the Physical Plane. It is in these higher dimensions that the origins of all experiences in the Physical Plane are thought to originate.  Basic to radionic theory and practice is the concept that man and all other life forms share a common ground in that we are all bathed in the electro-magnetic and other energy fields not only of  the earth but of the entire Universe called Ether, Morphic Fields (Dr Rupert Sheldrake);  and further, that each life form has its own electromagnetic field which, if sufficiently distorted, will result in disease of the organism. 

Distance:    Effectiveness is independent of the distance between  practitioner and patient. Distance is not a limitation. The patient can be with the practitioner, can be connected to a machine, or can be many miles away. 

Scope of effectiveness:  Radionics may be of value in situations where conventional medicine has little to offer and can be helpful in a wide range of conditions and surprising situations including ANIMALS, SOIL and CROPS.  Radionics is used extensively in agriculture to increase yields, control pests and enhance the health of livestock and has even been used to discover hidden treasure or valuable ore deposits. Radionics is also a useful supplement to other complementary and Subtle Energy therapies especially Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Reiki.   Radionics can treat any type of illness through the auric fields, although medical emergencies and life-threatening illnesses or injuries should always be treated by a medical doctor. 

The scope of Radionics in theory is unlimited; in practice it is limited by the sensitivity, knowledge and expertise of the practitioner.  At one level it can be used to determine the structural and functional integrity of the body, and identify the causes of disease hidden within.  At another level, the determination of the states of the energy centers (chakras) provides a picture of energy flows in the body and enables the practitioner to gain a deeper insight into the reasons behind certain physical and psychological imbalances.   To this may be added and analysis of the qualities of energy within specific psychic structures. A synthesis of this data will reveal physical and psychological strengths, weaknesses, limitations and capacities and thus provide patients with insights into the personal and spiritual aspects of their nature, which can prove most useful during periods of crisis and stress.  The beauty of Radionic treatment is that it is non-invasive. It can be used to compliment other forms of therapy, and it's efficacy is such that it forms a complete system of healing in its own right. 

What Is a Radionic Assessment?

A radionic assessment is the process by which a practitioner finds out all the factors that are involved in the manifestations of the illness and disease the patient presents with. A radionic analysis is NOT like making a medical diagnosis. In a medical diagnosis, the aim is to try and find out a name for the particular symptoms-signs complex the patient is having. Only then is treatment given according to the name of the condition. 

In a radionic assessment the aim is not to categorize a condition by way of a diagnostic term but to find out ALL the factors that have contributed to the clinical presentations of the patient. Such factors could reside in the body physical, the etheric body, the emotional body, or the mental body. They could even have their domain outside of these.  Some factors that could predispose a person to an illness include the environment; negative energy fields coming from the earth (e.g. geopathic stress); adverse planetary factors (e.g. transits and bad astrological aspects), etc., etc.  These are in addition to other common factors well known to us. 

Often times, factors that neither the patient nor the practitoner suspected might show up during an assessment as the underlying cause of an illness. The aim of the radionic practitioner is to isolate these factors, prioritize them, and then embark on their correction or "balancing the patient" as we popularly refer to this procedure. Priority correction or harmonization is the key to a successful radionic healing. 

How is Radionics assessment carried out ?   The particular form of ESP used in Radionics is often referred to as "the radiesthetic faculty" through which the practitioner, by means of a series of  posed yes/no questions, obtains information 
about the health of his patients to which the conscious thinking mind has no direct access.  For diagnostic assessments and answers to questions (Radiesthesia), Radionics usually uses a dowsing tool held by, or in contact with the skilled, trained operator to gather information about the subtle energies of people, animals, plants, foods, etc.  Dowsing devices can take many forms such as: 

  1. Pendulum movements of a weight attached to a string or chain.
  2. Changes in frictional forces or surface tension on a detector pad.
  3. Movements of a forked twig or L-rods.
  4. Biofeedback instruments with electrodes or transducers to amplify low level body signals.

How is Radionics treatment carried out ?   When the Radionic diagnosis is finished, the practitioner then has a complete health profile of the patient, including the functional integrity of all organ systems, psychological states and imbalances that are present in the energy structures which form the auric fields enveloping the body.  All pathological states and their causes have their own frequency of energy patterns; these can be treated at a distance through the Radionic instrument by employing 'rates' or geometric patterns. The bloodspot or snippet of hair from the patient (known as the patients witness) acts as a link between the practitioner, his Radionic instrument and the patient.  Essentially treatment is the projection of healing energy patterns to which may added the signatures of homeopathic remedies, colors, flower essences, gem elixires and herbal extracts if they are indicated as part of treatment.  An extremely important part of the process is the intentionality of the operator, since all Subtle Energy procedures act as amplifiers of intentionality. Shielding  from negative miasms is also important. 

Has Radionics been validated?   Radionics like Healing Touch, Reiki, and Acupuncture has been validated in hundreds of controlled studies over the past 80 years. For those unfamiliar with Radionics, a report entitled "Practical Introduction to Radionics and Dowsing" is available for $15 U.S. 

Quantum Physics:  One of the cardinal Quantum principles is "Interconnectedness".  The nature of the energetic processes in Radionics is not yet fully understood, but there is now ample evidence that we  are all linked in someway at a higher levels and dimensions of the Universe.  At least ten dimensions have been theorised not only by physicists such as Dr William Tiller, Dr Ervin Laszlo, Dr Dean Radin, Dr Glen Rein but by ancient wisdom including Kabbalah.  It is believed that some of these levels are engaged during any kind of Subtle Energy practice and even in cooking, eating, sex, dance, singing, chanting.  Radionic  healing is not so much directed at the physical reality of the body, but rather at the invisible energy matrices which are believed to  lie behind it. Some consider these higher dimensions to be the truer realities and the Physical Plane to be metaphorical illusory shadows.  Radionics appears to act outside of the normal space-time matrix, as do 'non-local' interactions such as the "Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Experiment" described by  modern physics. What is Quantum Physics at http://www.jracademy.com/~jtucek/science/what.html

Rates:  For the purpose of Homeopathic assessment and treatment, Radionics sees organs, diseases and remedies as having their own particular frequency or vibration. These factors are expressed in numerical values which are known as "rates" and older radionic instruments are  provided with calibrated dials on which such "rates" are set for assessment and treatment purposes. These figures often have a symbolic, numerological significance rather than mathematical.  Our new Causal technology supercedes specific rates, since we believe that specific frequencies cannot reach the higher Mental and Causal planes but rather engage the lower Etheric and Astral planes which Tansley warned us against. 

MIASMS:   These are energetic forces or entities disseminated at all levels in the universe (mainly in the Etheric Subtle Body) predisposing to illnesses, misfortune and tragedies (Richard Gerber in "Vibrational Medicine" p 260, Alice Bailey in "Esoteric Healing", David Tansley in "Chakras, Rays & Radionics p 15"). 
Dr Tansley wrote: 

"Any practitioner who is focussed in his or her Astral Body and works through  the Solar Plexus is heading for trouble. Focus on these lower levels means exposure to  many destructive energies especially doing work at a distance.  It is essential to disassociate the Astral and Etheric auras from the field of work and to be focussed in the Head Chakra and on the Mental Plane at the higher levels". 

Unfortunately many practitioners are unable to heed this advice since they often die prematurely of the same conditions that they specialize in treating.  Many other healing practitioners and psychics have encountered unfortunate fates related to financial, health, legal, relationship or other issues. 

Miasms can originate from archetypal or racial sources, from toxic aspects of the  environment and other people and from the human mind of the practitioner or recipient of treatment. Since they are present everywhere to some degree, and more intensely so in highly charged or energised situations such as therapeutic, sexual, travel, dining, and in the use of Radionic devices,  it is important to be protected or shielded and to test out your protection.  This is why many practitioners and healers have been unable to heal the suffering and deprivation in their own lives although they may have helped many others. 

Training:   Basic to radionic practice is a disciplined dowsing or radiesthetic skill.  In trained hands Radionics can be used to help to restore the  health of people, animals, plants and the soil wherever in the world that need exists, and with no depletion of material resources. 


A 'witness', is an object such as a photograph, a lock of hair, a blood spot, or a fingernail clipping from the patient, which is placed into the machine and will pick up its energy rhythm. Using this rhythm, coded messages are sent from the instrument back to the patient to correct imbalances discovered through the initial analysis. There is no need for the patient to be anywhere near the machine to take place.  Some patients and energy-sensitive individuals have reported feeling subjective effects and sensations long distances from the machine.