We supply a wide variety of light wands having all the 8 major colours: white, infra-red, red, yellow, green, blue, violet and ultraviolet, for photo-acupuncture and phototherapy.  All of our devices can be pulsed at a range of pulse repetition frequencies extending from 0.1 hertz up to many kilohertz. 

  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses bright LEDs
  • Ultrabright Pulsed light uses ultrabright LEDs, such as Blue for Acne.
  • Pulsed laser wands

Pulsation is preferred to continuous uninterrupted light.  This is because biological systems and organs respond to specific frequencies in addition to colours. 

Name: Light and laser pens

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Light pens not only carry colours and repetition frequencies, but also carry Homeopathic information in the form of Scalar Waves. These have direct healing benefits on humans, animals and plants and can be used for making Homeopathic remedies.
Pulsed light and pulsed magnetic fields (PEMF) not only are very effective, but are also non-invasive and totally safe from side-effects.


Stimulate tissues and cells
Affect Mitochondria, DNA, Chlorophyll, Rhodopsin
Assist in Acne (blue light)


Enhancing and rebalancing function and regeneration


Various levels of light intensity, with 8 specific colours.  All can be pulsed by our built-in frequency generator.


Cables, filters.
Laboratory frequency generators.
Crystals for Electro-Crystal Therapy


$200 - $5000

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