Protective Shielding Technology

Protective shielding technologies to limit, neutralize and eliminate, dangerous and harmful bioenergetic and psychic patterns, forms and entities. When left untended these can predispose to diseases of all types, including the more virulent forms of psychic manifestation.

Our unique technologies provide a resource in dealing with environmental and psychic stresses which act as/to:

  • immune suppressant
  • seed for cancer
  • age accelerator
  • cause of tension and anxiety
  • diminish mental and physical performance

Using our revolutionary CLEAR-LINK pendants and more powerful battery-operated active resonators (such as HERB) the user can have a direct experience of enhanced mental, emotional and physical functioning in the face of pressure and attack.
These attractive pendant are hand made in Canada and have been tachyonically charged in our Radionic Remedy Maker. Each creates a powerfully strengthening and harmonizing Tachyon energy field. The symbology of the sacred geometry (further supports and enhances the positive effect of the pendant. The larger was designed mainly for men and the smaller mainly for women.

This pendant strengthens and enhances the auric field, protects you from electromagnetic radiation and gives you more energy and joy. Wearing a Tachyon pendant is one of the most effective ways to supply the self with additional natural zero-point energy and to effortlessly and lastingly raise the well-being and vitality. The subtle energy bodies will optimize their functioning and the quality of the life will noticeably increase. The effectiveness and power of this investment for life remains consistent and fully intact over time.

This ancient symbol is the most advanced of all the vortex devices, which generally date back for at least 5000 years. Labyrinths are composed of two vortices spinning in opposite directions, so that they cancel the energies of the Physical Plane causing them to appear in higher dimensions. This creates an interdimensional bridge and frequency translator for bilateral flow of healing, protection, information, psi enhancement and morphic influence between the lower biofield frequencies of our mind-body and the higher frequencies of our parallel dimensional selves. The labyrinth pattern has a repeating pattern which qualifies it as a kind of crystal with informational storage characteristics. The labyrinth can be used as a passive resonator device but its power is substantially enhanced by being charged with light or magnetic fields or dynamically activated by the flow of electrons throughout the path. Labyrinth patterns made by Biophysica are etched in copper (a healing metal as are zinc and magnesium) and have all been activated in sunlight and by electro-magnetic frequencies. The labyrinth can be used to activate other devices and energies such as crystals, magnets, water, food by applying the device as an antenna to radiate in the chosen direction.

This medallion has been developed over a fifteen year period through intensive radionic, dowsing and kinesiology testing on individuals, the medallion has consistently proven to neutralize the ill effect from negative radiation of a multiple of cellular phones, portable phones, battery and electric power tools, all turned on and held by testing subjects, all at the same time, without loss of energy. This ancient geometric mandala symbol acts to protect the person from negative influences on all levels, including psychic attack, accidents, losses, miasms and misfortune. The medallion has no battery. It has gone through several energizing procedures. It contains activated crystals in a matrix that synergistically incorporates earth grid technology. It can be worn any where in the world or outside.

Those who carry this device have noticed the following benefits:

  •   Peace, calmness and tranquility
  •   More energy, motivation and passion
  •   Immunity to the disturbances of others
  •   Protection against miasms (predisposition to disease and misfortune)
  •   Better sleep
  •   Enhanced Immune System
  •   Improved biological functions such as digestion, eyesight, hearing, libido, mobility
  •   Improved memory, mental clarity and ability to acquire new knowledge
  •   Localised healings when the device is placed over areas or Chakras
  •   Increase in spontaneous psi phenomena and abilities
  •   Linking to others also carrying the device to give rise to the formation of a global energetic network for World harmony

The CLEAR-LINK has the following characteristics:

  •   enhances, strengthens and stabilizes the auric field
  •   effectively protects you from electromagnetic radiation
  •   effectively protects you from psychic pollution signals which ride upon electromagnetic radiation and use them as a carrier. These psychic signals extend to much higher frequencies and can be filtered and blocked only by tachionic devices.
  •   activates the natural self-healing capacity
  •   supports general well-being and focus
  •   Contains copper tuning coil, sacred geometry mandala, Swarovsky crystal, Neodymium magnet

Be careful to avoid scratching the surface and window with other hard objects. Paper money, keys, coins and other metals in the same pocket may diminish the effectiveness of the CLEAR-LINK.

The CLEARLINK is available in versions for men or for women. Standard diameters of 2.5 cm (cameo size for brooches, pins, badges), 3.5 cm, 5 cm, 7.5 cm, 15 cm and in any intermediate custom size up to 150 x 150 mm (6” x 6”). Electrical connections to the pattern allow the user to apply electrical current (flow of electrons) so as to activate the entire circuit with any combination of chosen frequencies including voice and music. Electroplating with silver or gold is available as an extra option. Business cards on paper or etched copper are available. Almost any pattern can be etched on copper at your request and include Chartres Labyrinth, Cross, OM or Flower of Life. For more powerful shielding and clearing, our HERB (Harmonic Energy resonant Broadcaster) should be used.