Quantum Touch


Quantum-Touch is a powerful, yet easy to learn, method of natural healing (or energy healing).  Everyone has the innate ability to help ourselves and others. The Quantum-Touch techniques teach us how to focus and amplify life-force energy (or Chi, Bioenergy, Prana) by combining various breathing and energy awareness exercises.  QT energy healers learn to amplify and direct the life-force energy, facilitating the body’s own healing process. Our love frequencies have more impact and distant effectiveness than we can imagine; the possibilities are truly extraordinary
Our body comes with a built in program, called Self Healing. Quantum-Touch accelerates this process. We live in a Quantum World where everything is energy; a world where all possibilities and all potentials exist simultaneously, where everything is frequency. In this world the body can change conditions by entraining to the higher resonance held by the practitioner.   The Quantum-Touch techniques can be learned by anyone and everyone.
Quantum-Touch is a powerful adjunct to acupuncture, as well as being a powerful stand-alone technique. Applying Quantum-Touch after the needles have been inserted profoundly enhances the effect of the acupuncture. Not only does the Universal Energy affect the work, but also the power of intention has an added effect. Together these two techniques combine to offer the best of both worlds for the patient.
A full description of Quantum-Touch can be found at www.quantumtouch.com or by purchasing the book “Quantum-Touch the Power to Heal” by Richard Gordon.

Quantum Touch References:

New Research Shows that Quantum-Touch Reduces Pain: The Impact of Quantum-Touch on Clients with Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain, by Rev. AdaRA L. Walton, ND, Ph.D   at http://www.quantumtouch.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1113

“the results and findings compiled from the Experimental and Control groups demonstrated with high statistical significance, that Quantum-Touch hands-on healing was effective on chronic pain when administered for a minimum of 20 minutes on both men and women. Further, it was evidenced that there was a positive impact on the skill/task level of those subjects who received Quantum-Touch hands-on healing. Last, over the duration of the study, for those who received Quantum-Touch energy, there appeared to be a calming or relaxing effect resulting at the conclusion of the sessions”.