Radionics is the use of a sample (witness) blood, hair, a signature, or other substances unique to the person, as a focus of quantum connection, to supposedly heal a patient from afar , From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Quantum Radionics has been developed by our research to combine a wide range of separate concepts and practices which synergistically combine to give birth to an all embracing Whole having an innate Quantum Intelligence far surpassing individual remedies and even the older rates and frequencies of earlier Radionics technology. In Quantum Radionics, as in Reiki, the practitioner does not have to know a diagnosis or cause. This is because both approaches tune into a very high vibration of the Causal Plane, far beyond specific manifestations, acupoints, remedies.
Quantum Radionics combines Radio Transmission, Reiki, Quantum Physics, Quantum Touch healing, Dowsing, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, electronics, electro-magnetic vibrational frequencies, scalar waves, crystals, herbology, flower essences, aromatherapy, colour therapy, Sacred Geometry, Astrology.

Distant Healing: This operates just like in Quantum Physics, Interconnectedness, Entanglement or "Action at a Distance".  Effectiveness is independent of the distance between practitioner and patient. Distance is not a limitation. The patient can be with the practitioner, can be connected to a machine, or can be many miles away.

Radionics is a method of diagnosis and treatment at a distance which utilizes specially designed focusing and amplifying instruments with which the practitioner can allow the higher intelligence to determine the underlying causes of diseases within a living system, be it human, animal, plant, or the soil itself. While Radionics is mainly used to diagnose and treat human ailments, it has also been used extensively in agriculture to increase yields, control pests and enhance the health of livestock.


Basic Radionic theory and practice is the concept that man and all life forms share a common ground in we are all immersed in the electro-magnetic field of the earth; and further that each life form has its own electro-magnetic field, which is sufficiently distorted, will ultimately result in disease of the organism. Accepting that all is energy, Radionics sees organs, diseases and remedies s having their own particular frequency or vibrational rate. These factors can be expressed in numerical values which are known as 'Rates' or in the form of Geometric Patterns. These provide the means by which the practitioner identifies and treats disease at a distance. Radionics also takes cognizance that there are a number of finely organized fields of energy and information which lie beyond those identified by science, and that these fields can be utilized for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Thus it may be said that Radionics is a healing art where physics and para- and meta- physics, science, spirituality and religion, meet and merge.

The Radionics practitioner in making a distant diagnosis utilizes his intuitive faculty, which science now believes arises for right brain hemisphere functions. Based on new understanding of the Savant phenomenon, the intuitive mind has access to information which lies beyond the reach of rational and logical abilities which appear to be mediated through the left (non-dominant) brain hemisphere. By tuning in both his mind and Radionic instrument to the distant patient, the practitioner by applying his faculties of extra-sensory perception (something we all have to a greater or lesser degree) is able, through observing the reactions of the detection apparatus under his control, to determine what the underlying causes of and remedies for the disease are. By identifying causes which may be hidden for clinical and more orthodox procedures, the Radionic practitioner is able, then, to determine with accuracy the correct treatment which will eliminate this underlying element. A Radionic diagnosis is not a medical or biophysical diagnosis, but as previously stressed, a means of identifying and assessing the underlying causes which give rise to pathological states and their systems.

The radionics practitioner may use a special broadcasting device known or any of a range of other devices to transmit vibrations, frequencies and rates to the patients in order to attempt to heal themThe rates and frequencies act as carriers of the higher dimensional intentional information.  This is analogous to a TV transmitter which broadcasts a carrier frequency upon which the picture is carried.