Schumann Resonance Freq.

Our multiple frequency generators produce a wide range of frequencies


frequency scanning is an option.

Variable frequency generator (laboratory quality).

Eight different models can produce frequencies from 0.01 Hertz to 15 megahertz. Digital readout displays precise frequency with 5 decimal place accuracy (20 ppm). Waveform can be square, sine, pulse, triangular and can be amplitude or frequency modulated.

Both of the above generators above can drive a light or laser pen or can output to skin or hand-held electrodes. They can have option of an internal speaker which gives an audible output of chosen frequencies. Outputs can be chosen to be Biphasic (alternately positive then negative) or Monophasic (all positive polarity as recommended by Dr Clark).

We offer several qualities of frequency generators from the simplest fixed frequency (32 kilohertz) model to our advanced Crystal controlled "Frequency Tuner".

Article on Schumann resonance at http://www.2012.com.au/SchumannResonance.html