The Chartres Labyrinth

Chartres Labyrinth pattern etched on one of our copper printed circuit boards.

The Chartres Labyrinth and the Caduceus Coil are examples of a Mobius Coil. This is a coil where the current flows in two opposite directions simultaneously so as to cancel their energy Flux in the Physical Plane.  The energy then appears in higher planes carrying whatever esoteric information has been imparted through psychic fields such as prayer, intention visualization, meditation, chanting, Tantra. The Chartres Labyrinth was known before the Cathedral of Chartres was planned and was given in trance to Hildegard Von Bingen as being the most powerful clear Causal device of all the Sacred Geometry patterns at that time. Since then it has acquired even more power through the Morphic Fields impressed upon it through the centuries. It acts as a Cosmic antenna to amplify the transmission and reception of esoteric patterns.  In other words it amplifies positive prayerful thoughts and intentions sent upwards and amplifies and facilitates patterns received by the users from higher dimensions.  The Labyrinth maze pattern is impressed into the floor of the Christian cathedral in the town of Chartres outside Paris.  During ceremonies, the priest leads the congregation through the maze while praying and  chanting and in so doing activates the geometry. Looking carefully at the pattern you will notice that alternate paths are always going in opposite directions. (Written and verified by
Dr John Stewart).

The Chartres Labyrinth is a portal to the sacred where multiple dimensions meet and are separated by only a thin veil allowing transformation of Consciousness.  People often feel a flash of clear insight, connectedness with their higher self.  The labyrinth is a walking meditation, a path of prayer and a dynamic tool of manifestation. Those who use the labyrinth constitute an invisible web of people in service to others and to our ailing planet according to Lauren Artress Episcopal priest of Grace Cathedral, San Francisco. She is author of  'Walking a Sacred Path" , "The Sacred Path Companion: A Guide to Using the Labyrinth to Heal and Transform" and "The Sand Labyrinth Kit" .  She is the creator of the Labyrinth Project and founded Veriditas. She is at www.veriditas.net and wwww.laurenartress.com

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The Chartres Labyrinth is uniquely suited to the circuitous flow of energy which amplifies its power many thousand-fold and allows it to generate a Shielding field of protection against Miasmic patterns.  Electrical current of any combination of frequencies, including music, voice, can be made to flow through the copper pattern etched on a printed circuit board.  Water would be also a fruitful medium (a water labyrinth) which we have not yet explored.

We incorporate the labyrinth in all of our devices and amulets.  We photo-etch them on Copper printed circuit boards in our own laboratory and can make them promptly with any

precise diameter up to 6" x 6"

Prices each with quantity discounts:  6" x 6" = $80,  3" x 3" = $50,  2" x 2" = $20, 1" x 1" = $12

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